The law firm evaluates the resumes of Italian and foreign graduates, for the completion of their professional practice at the firm’s law offices.

Given the peculiarities of the legal issues addressed by our team of lawyers, International Lawyers Associates can condition the approval for the internship period at the attendance of intensive and specialized courses, related to the subjects that the candidate will specifically face in his/her professional practice.

The research courses will focus on international, criminal, sports and tax law and are taught by university and university-level institutions, in accordance with the agreements signed by ILA for the enhancement of its human resources.
ILA has also prepared a special university training program dedicated to foreign students, by virtue of agreement with some Italian and European academic institutions, aimed at the formation of a team of possible future partners, characterized by the highest specialization in the areas of expertise of the associated law firm.

The personal positions will be carefully considered by the heads of recruitment and training.