Legal defense in Italy and abroad:
The firm provides legal assistance and legal defense in Italy and abroad.

Specialized in Legal Defense in Italy and abroad, the International Lawyers Associates, a law firm specializing in criminal law and international law, founded on the partnership of a team of Italian and foreign professionals of the highest level, specializing in criminal and international law, coordinated by the lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli, president of the Studio Associato.

The law firm has assumed and assumes the defense of subjects, also well known, accused of crimes of mafia, political and common crime: in particular the lawyer.

Tirelli has risen to national and international news, having been engaged in important processes and cases concerning drugs, money laundering, violent crime and criminal law of the economy, as well as on extradition and the European arrest warrant.
The International Lawyers Associates also finds its peculiarity in international legal assistance, that is, outside the Italian national borders.

The Team assists its customers, even when they are prosecuted abroad by Foreign Justice.
The firm has foreign legal offices and has started ongoing partnerships with leading international law firms in Europe, the United States, Australia and South America.