The law firm and its senior members, historically, have grown in the wake of the Neapolitan criminal school, participating in the most delicate trials, held before all – and we reiterate all, per location, degree and jurisdiction – the Judicial Authorities of the Country.

There is no Italian Court where the lawyers of International Lawyers Associates have not shown the depth of their experience in the defense of issues regarding correctional criminal law.

The firm deals with every issue and defends all charges: from terrorism to crimes against Public Administration; from crimes against public economy, industry and trade to those against property, family and individuals.
Well-known are the participations in important trials that were publicized by the media, as well as the defense of individuals accused of political crimes and crimes against the administration of Justice.

Despite a long experience in the courtrooms of the Court of Assizes and maxi-trials, which have put entire criminal associations behind bars, mostly of the Camorra and Mafia, the law firm’s policy when accepting defense assistance for the murder trials is that the following necessary conditions are exclusively met: the defense is ordinarily ensured in the events related to the broader phenomenon of organized crime; for matters regarding extraordinary episodes of the single person, especially when subjected to media and journalistic attention, the board of elders of International Lawyers Associates members, and especially the firm’s coordinator, attorney Alexandro Maria Tirelli, would like to avoid any unnecessary dramatization of the criminal process.

The location of judicial matters is the courtroom, not the television nor the tabloids. Given the delicacy of the issues dealt with and serious sanctions in case of conviction of the accused, the law firm is ready to employ its human and professional resources, only if the effort dedicated to the defense is properly honored, since this type of professional commitment tends to absorb an enormous amount of time, at the expense of other defensive positions and given the extreme care with which the team of criminal lawyers gives to every single aspect of these procedural events.

Under the conditions described above, the lawyers of International Lawyers Associates thus participate in the dissertation of the trials in which the defendant is accused of vehicular, voluntary, unpremeditated or unintentional murder.

Special attention is given to the new particular care provided by the legislator, contained in the Law on Road Safety: the two new offenses of vehicular murder and road injuries to persons were introduced on February 2015. For those who get behind the wheel while drunk or after taking drugs, causing the death of someone, the prison sentence ranges from 5 to 12 years. If the driver proves to be alert and sober, but his driving speed was twice the allowed limit, the sentence goes from 4 to 8 years. In case of multiple homicide, the sentence may be tripled but should not exceed 18 years. Instead, those who drive under the influence and cause permanent injuries face 6 months to 2 years in prison.