Since the 1960s the Australian continent has seen a significant amount of European and extra-European immigration. International Lawyers Associates has been offering extensive professional assistance for Italians, the British, Lithuanians, Russians, and Indians who are interested in Australia, or who have family members or property and companies in the country.

It is our duty to mention our most frequent activities on the island and the locations where we offer them. Of course, like in many other nations around the globe, we are able to form a defensive panel that can assist clients in court, and even at stages outside the magistrate’s court for all those who are called to answer before the judge and have been charged with any crime, from theft to murder, to drug trafficking and bankruptcy. Our team’s experience includes involvement in very complex extraditions. In the past, Australia has commonly been a destination for fugitives and escaping bandits who are sought after by state police from around the world. Important members of criminal and mafia associations have found their refugee haven in Australia, but were then captured to be judged in their home countries or to serve the sentences previously imposed against them.

Another area that our team especially follows is minors’ and family rights, and international child abduction. Australia is one of the signatory countries of The Hague Convention for the Protection of Children’s Rights; moreover, Australia is one of the countries that applies the principles of the Convention more literally and correctly.

If there is one nation in the world that is still closely tied to the legal and economic interests of the world’s 5 continents, it is Australia.

International Lawyers Associates can assist its clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane.

The law firm provides its non-English speaking clients with translators and interpreters, mostly for Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, and Chinese citizens.