International Lawyers Associates and its mixed team of criminal lawyers and tax experts, together with its corporate consultants, is an associated law firm that has historically given years of professional commitment to the protection of “white collars” at 360°; with this term we mean those individuals that belong to that particular social class made up of managers, business leaders, State functionaries, entrepreneurs, administrators, etc., that for the very nature of their profession and because of the type of functions and activities they carry out, may find themselves involved in criminal investigations and trials.

The American scholar, Edwin Sutherland, was the first to define the area of “white-collar crime”, identifying those crimes committed by individuals with high social status and standing, because of the positions held. We’re dealing with medium-upper class individuals and people with considerable technical experience that, thanks to the position held within the company, can be accused of unlawfully enriching themselves and/or of committing serious irregularities that are sanctioned by the judicial system. White collar workers are not common clients and need very special assistance.

Normally this type of client has a very high professional and technical preparation for which it cannot rely on a common criminal lawyer, but to a lawyer who knows the issues and regulations of banking and tax laws, at least as much as the client knows; the lawyers of International Lawyers Associates are experts and scholars of corporate issues, of issues tied with budget and the regulations that govern the financial market and of goods.

International Lawyers Associates uses, where necessary, the method of forming a defensive board, in order to ensure the utmost attention to the client, analyzing every detail of the case and any other phase of the company that has been placed under the spotlights of the Investigative Judicial Authority.