Crime produces its victims. The law firm, as is right and ethical, is dedicated to the legal defense of the parties offended by the crime, regardless of its nature, and ensuring court settlement solutions, where this is permitted by law; but also working through the establishment of a civil party in criminal proceedings, in the interest and on behalf of ordinary citizens, corporate bodies or trade associations and unions, who consider themselves damaged by the offence.

International Lawyers Associates not only offers full assistance in criminal trials, but, when this is concluded in a positive way for the victim, guarantees representation in civil proceedings, before the court called upon to tangibly quantify  the damage suffered, and at the eventual execution forced on the debtor’s assets.

The team’s lawyers have extensive experience tending to a quick customer economic satisfaction, avoiding bureaucratic and procedural delays, especially where the possibility of negotiating transactions with insurance companies and individuals who hold the position of persons civilly responsible for the fact – offence. International Lawyers Associates also provides a complete judicial and extrajudicial assistance for damages caused by medical negligence.

The firm, in order to ensure a fair compensation for biological and existential damages, puts in place a series of activities intended to demonstrate the responsibility of the general and specialized physician, part of the SSN (National Healthcare Services) and/or part of the private sector. To this end, our partners provide the client with a first-order medical-legal report drafted by a team of medical examiners that have an agreement with the law firm, necessary to highlight the real responsibility of the doctor and the relevant causality link between the operation carried out by the latter and the damages incurred.

The adjuster’s report will also specifically determine the quantification of the damage suffered. The preliminary medical-legal activities offered by our team are extremely valuable, because they can usually clarify whether the damages that a patient has incurred, or even death, derive or not from the behavior of the doctor who, with negligence, incompetence or recklessness may have made a slight, severe or even serious error.