Civil and criminal trials, both during the preliminary and executive phases, often need serious information and intelligence activities in order to collect sensitive information from third parties who, on the contrary, do everything to keep them confidential or secret.
‘acquisition of information can become essential and fundamental where evidence must be given, to demonstrate a proof, expose a harmful plan, prove one’s personal case or even identify the actual assets of a person or a company, for the purpose of enforcement and the recovery of a claim.

Note: many law firms rely on more or less profeessional private investigation agencies; International Lawyers Associates personally handles the investigations, carried out through its own internal investigation department.
Our department is unique because it is comprised of skilled professionals with decades of experience in the world’s leading companies in the industry and the investigations aimed at tracking down people, assets, things and information are carried out not only in Italy, but ALL OVER THE WORLD.
Even the investigation deadlines are reduced to a minimum, in accordance with the procedural requirements and/or client needs.

Given the inherent delicacy tied to each professional task and the specificity of the client’s informational needs, which is always particular and tied to technical factors that must be analyzed from time to time, we are not allowed to publish the detailed list of the kinds of investigation carried out by our collaborators.
This is also due to the sensitivity of the matter and the necessary confidentiality of the intelligence sector. Every single operation is selected following a lengthy interview with the client, the outcome of which ILA proposes a tangible action plan aimed at obtaining key information.

By way of example, here is a list of the typical activities that ILA can quickly carry out, in every part of the world.

  • tracking down of missing persons
  • personal investigations
  • verification of satellite communication, GPS and computer systems
  • fact-finding investigations on people on a broad spectrum
  • world wide banking inquiries
  • credit management services
  • research on the position of national banks and geo localization of the positions of private banks and companies across 5 continents
  • research on national and foreign bad payers on the databanks
  • tracking down of debtors
  • in-depth analysis on Italian companies
  • ascertainments on precautionary checks at a local and national level
  • assets and heirs search
  • reconstruction of the bank position on foreign institutions
  • recovery of claims at a global level
  • personalized consultation on how to protect or recover the claim