The firm’s notoriety, especially that of its coordinator, attorney Alexandro Maria Tirelli, is closely tied to the legal defense of some of the most important Italian and foreign trials, against members of major international organizations involved in drug trafficking.

Tirelli is the current honorary president of the staff of International Lawyers Associates; the team, over the years, had the stamina of setting up a network of European and global locations, in cities where the need to defend the accused of such charges was strongly felt, especially – and not only in Italy – in Spain, Holland, France, Columbia, United States, Mexico and Venezuela. Alexandro Maria Tirelli appeared on the media spotlight, on the occasion of a major investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office in Naples against a group of people accused of being members of the known terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda. They were charged with being involved in a thick, dark network with Spain and Italy, aimed at financing the armed cells with the proceeds of Afghan herion drug trafficking.
Tirelli’s clients were acquitted, and so began his long professional career, that not only led the professional and the firm to deal with the Italian and Spanish procedural events related to cocaine trafficking, but also in dealing with these issues in a broader and scientific sense, so much that Tirelli was invited, in his capacity as Adjunct professor, to lecture about law and extraditions at Arboleda University in Bogotà, Columbia, together with the elite of global criminal law.

In no uncertain terms, and with a bit of pride, we can say that today International Lawyers Associates, thanks to Tirelli’s incredible professional commitment, is the leading law firm in Italy and Europe with regards to the study of great criminal matters, related to the massive traffic of drugs from south and central America and from the Hispanic world; great media attention was given to the defense of the Nule brothers, heads of the “cartel de contratacion” in Bogotà and major television broadcasts were aired on Efecto TV, known Mexican network, during the arrest of Joaquin Loera “El Chapo” Guzman. Alexandro Maria Tirelli, as a consultant, was personally invited by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at a policy meeting in order to discuss the issues of criminal policy for the suppression of global drug trafficking

Today Alexandro Maria Tirelli is one of the most well-known Italian criminal lawyers and is recognized as a scholar and expert in international law, since he is an academic of the laws on extradition and European arrest warrant.

International Lawyers Associates is the first major European law firm that deals with criminal law on an international scale, and operates in the wake of great American law firms, having at heart the same principles of competence, efficiency and speed; but without leaving out the passion for research, study and European law tradition.
We provide assistance to our clients at a world wide level, since the firm has placed its locations in areas where major international crime activities are carried out and provides immediate assistance.

Alexandro Maria Tirelli not only directly participates in criminal defenses, but also coordinates the ones carried out by colleagues, assistants, associates and third party partners. Defensive solutions and fees are modulated depending on the importance of the disputed charges as well as in relation to the specific profile of the accused, whether the person is a simple courier, or even the promoter of a real criminal association that deals and traffics drugs.