The experience acquired by International Lawyers Associates in the United States of America has led our team of international and criminal lawyers to broaden its offering of services and interests to the north of the country as well. Today our lawyers frequently and continuously hold positions and defend clients in major Canadian cities.

The country’s strong European presence and its urban, economic, and social growth has attracted workers from all over the world. The phenomenon of “new Canadian citizenship” clearly demonstrates the country’s utmost level of hospitality and its high level of quality of life. Crime has always been very low in the country, but the expansion phenomenon has led our lawyers to follow some extremely delicate cases, especially in the area of ​​economic crime law.

Our lawyers speak English and French indiscriminately, work in Quebec and also in the Pacific area of ​​the country, and can provide the best assistance thanks to their utmost level of preparation and legal experience gained over the years.

International Lawyers Associates operates in the cities of Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Winnipeg, and Vancouver.