We live in an age where the State has created a sort of real tax persecution, through the provision of wide-ranging audits against various taxpaying sectors, whether they’re companies or income earning individuals

The law firm provides full support for both criminal and administrative disputes, during disputes with the Income Revenue Authority and the Italian Finance Police, before the Judicial Authorities, when the arbitration is established.

In particular, with regards to criminal defense aspects and the notification of tax evasion, the lawyers of International Lawyers Associates prepare legal strategies in order to protect goods and assets from being seized and/or confiscated by the competent Authorities.

Our attorneys are dedicated to resolving disputes arising from violations of the regulations of the ill-famed Legislative Decree 74/2000: FRAUDULENT STATEMENT with the use of invoices or other documents for nonexistent transactions (item 2) FRAUDULENT STATEMENT with the use of other ploys (item 3) UNFAITHFUL STATEMENT (item 4) OMITTED STATEMENT (item 5) ISSUANCE of INVOICES or other documents for NONEXISTENT OPERATIONS (item 8) CONCEALEMENT or DESTRUCTION of ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS (item 10) FRAUDULENT MISAPPROPRIATION to pay taxes (item 11) FAILURE TO PAY VAT and certified deductions, ect.

International Lawyers Associates not only addresses the common taxpayer, but also provides the defensive support to those who, for business purposes, provide tax consulting services to third parties, eg. accountants, lawyers, tax experts ect. In fact, our lawyers are specialized in the assistance of individuals charged with evasion with the CONSULTANT INVOLVEMENT; the new legislative norms have in fact introduced such a case, as a real offense of tax consulting professionals and financial intermediaries: if the tax offense is committed with the participation of such persons while exercising their consulting service there will be an increase in the sentence and a big fine.

New types of non-punishable events have been introduced, in cases where the litigation is ongoing, and the tax debt is paid before the hearing:

If the settled debt regards omitted payments and irregular compensations, the offence is not punishable;
even when untrue statements or failure to provide statements are regularized before the statements of the following year expire and the onerous review is carried out before the verifications and audits start, the offence is not punishable ;
if, prior to the hearing, payments in installments is underway a period of no more than three months will be given to pay the remaining amounts.

Excluding the hypothesis of impunity, the offence is reduced in half if the debt is paid off before the trial. Our team of professionals seeks solution to ease the tax burden and sanctioning of the individual and the company, with efficiency and minimizing the financial exertion of the client.